Training, Education, Capacity-Building, & Research

About This Service

Drawing on our nearly four decades of experience in HIV/AIDS prevention, GMHC provides technical assistance and capacity building to community-based organizations (CBOs) across the United States that serve people living with HIV and those at risk of HIV. We lead training programs for non-clinical health service providers, people living with HIV/AIDS, and community members, interested in developing HIV/AIDS prevention programs.

Our services include support for:

  • Workshops for those living with HIV and community members 
  • Technical assistance and organizational capacity building
  • Trainings for non-clinical service providers
  • Social marketing and health communication campaigns 


GMHC’s National Center for HIV & Aging program is an internationally recognized authority and resource on HIV and aging. The center has conducted two landmark studies on Research on Older Adults with HIV (ROAH) that examined a comprehensive array on issues experienced by older adults with HIV, including health status, stigma, substance use, depression, social networks, and spirituality. The Center’s goal is to inform the health choices of these older adults, together with those who provide them with needed supportive services as they age. Through the website, older adults living with HIV/AIDS can find supportive programs and conferences happening locally.

Please note: GMHC does not fund, conduct, or commission any tests on animals.


For information about our training, education, capacity-building, and research services, contact Meredith Nicolson, research coordinator at

Training, Education, Capacity-Building, & Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Our workshops are led and conducted by a highly-skilled and knowledgeable trainers, some of who are living with HIV. We also offer peer-led workshops that are facilitated by our peer educators.

No, all of our services are offered free of charge.