Youngblood Project [2.0]

Youngblood Project [2.0] launched in late 2015, is designed to meet the sexual health education, HIV prevention, and unintended adolescent pregnancy prevention needs of young men, ages 14-19, especially young men of color.

Youngblood Project [2.0], like its counterpart LEAP for Girls, is delivered in partnership with individual schools, community groups, and other youth allies across New York City. Youngblood Project [2.0] cultivates leadership and community advocacy skills utilizing a male-focused, science-based, age and developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive, sexual health education and leadership development program. The program’s evidence-informed curriculum is facilitated by expert sexual health educators who identify as men of color.

To request information or inquire about hosting a cycle of Youngblood Project [2.0] at your school or CBO, please contact Danielle Krushnic, Director of Youth Initiatives, or 212-367-1367.