AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

For those who do not have Medicaid and are uninsured or underinsured, ADAP pays for the cost of many of the HIV medications as well as the psychotropic medications, vitamins, minerals and some nutritional supplements. ADAP Plus is ADAP’s primary care program that pays for most of your health care costs (It does NOT pay for emergency room visits or in-patient hospitalization).  A third ADAP program, the HIV Home Care Program, pays for the cost of home care services, but there is a $30,000 lifetime cap. Income eligibility changes around March of every year.

Financial eligibility is based on 435% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). FPL varies based on household size and is updated annually.  Financial eligibility is calculated on the gross income available to the household, excluding Medicare and Social Security withholding and the cost of health care coverage paid by the applicant. Households cannot have liquid assets greater than $25,000. Liquid assets are cash, savings, stocks, bonds, etc. Liquid assets do not include car, home or federally recognized retirement accounts.