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GMHC Launches National Resource Center on HIV & Aging


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GMHC Launches National Resource Center on HIV & Aging
in Commemoration of National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day provides a comprehensive range of information to help patients and caregivers make informed choices

New York (September 18, 2019)—This National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) is proud to launch the National Resource Center on HIV & Aging and its companion website, The site is designed to serve the growing populations of older adults living with HIV by providing a comprehensive range of up-to-date information to help them make informed health- and wellness-related choices, as well as find resources near them.

More than 50% of all people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States are age 50 and over—a percentage that will rise to 70% in the next few years. As a national authority on HIV and aging, and as one of the largest HIV/AIDS service providers in the world, GMHC is responding to this reality by not only providing and tailoring services for its own client population of older adults, but by creating platforms to help educate people across the country.

The new site,, includes detailed information about many physical and mental health conditions associated with aging, as well as how HIV can affect them. An interactive national map, informed by community input, helps users find supportive programs and conferences near them. In the coming months, the site will also include webinars, conference summaries, slide decks, infographics, short videos, and summaries of current research to help illustrate the evolving landscape of aging with HIV.

“Based on our own research and experience, we know that older adults living with HIV face high rates of mental health issues, including depression and PTSD; a high prevalence of multimorbidity with illnesses like heart disease and cancer; and high levels of loneliness,” said GMHC CEO Kelsey Louie. “At a time when AIDS service organizations, health care providers, and patients all over the United States are grappling with what it means to age well with HIV, GMHC is proud to be able to provide a resource like the National Resource Center on HIV & Aging for all who can benefit from it.”

GMHC has long been at the forefront of HIV and aging, having been founded at the advent of the epidemic and having continually evolved with it. In 2017, GMHC entered into a strategic partnership with ACRIA, known for its landmark studies on older adults living with HIV, and has integrated ACRIA’s research work into its service-delivery model. In 2018, GMHC launched the Terry Brenneis Hub for Long-Term Survivors, which serves as the central point of contact for older clients to help them identify the GMHC services that will best help them lead healthier, more engaged lives.

“GMHC understands the acute need for a resource like more than 43% of our clients are age 50 over, and nearly 62% are age 40 and over,” Louie said. “As we continually update in the months and years to come, we will be learning right along with our community how best to provide services for this population.”


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