Dr. Larry Mass's Message for World AIDS Day 2021

Dr. Larry Mass: No Victory Is Too Small

For #WorldAIDSDay, #GMHC co-founder Dr. Larry Mass shared hopeful thoughts in the face of the ongoing obstacles for ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic—now in its 40th year.

In remarks titled “No Victory Is Too Small,” Mass celebrates that effective treatment is now available, thanks to the “heroic activist efforts” of so many—but warns: “We were unprepared for the drastic reactionary implosion of much of this progress in the wake of the Trump presidency. Despite extraordinary gains, AIDS impacts millions of people globally, especially the disenfranchised and underserved. We still don’t have a cure, nor a preventive vaccine.”

His message: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. We don’t all have to be stars of activism and service to make a difference.”

We are immensely thankful for Larry’s 40 years of support for our work helping people living with and affected by #HIV.


After 40 years, we’re still fighting for those living with HIV and AIDS. Honor those we’ve lost. Support those who are still here.