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In Fall 2017, GMHC’s Love Heals Center for Youth & Families’ Youth Advisory Council (YAC) developed a brand-new curriculum to train youth in the art and skill of storytelling. Storytelling is an integral component of the sexual and reproductive justice framework, which the YAC prioritizes because of the way it traditionally centers voices of youth and people of color.

After developing this storytelling curriculum, Love Heals formalized a partnership with StoryCorps, a nationwide oral history project, to train 12 young people and eight program staff to interview and record the stories of long-term HIV survivors and activists.  The goals of this project was to reduce isolation for long-term survivors and to foster intergenerational wisdom among older and younger activists.

By May 2018, YAC members had conducted 30 45-minute interviews with long term HIV/AIDS survivors and activists, whose conversations are archived in the United States Library of Congress. Themes that emerged from these intergenerational conversations included love, loss, family memories, racism, homophobia, stories of activism and coming out, and the history, campaigns, and future of HIV and AIDS.

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