Unbreakable! TGNC Self-Care Conference

Trans-Resiliency: Healing through Self-Care

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Join us for this 3-hour event on reflections, peer support, motivations, tools, tips, and more Positive Self-Care!

This action-packed conference will feature keynote addresses from accomplished Activists and Leaders.

Hosted by: Catherine Granum

Guests include:

  • Reverend Yunus Moshey Moses D.D. is the Keynote Speaker
  • Nathan Dawson will facilitate a presentation on tools to navigate mental health/wellness
  • Reverend Yunus Coldman will lead participants through a Guided Meditation session
  • Lili Washington will speak on self-belief and empowerment

After 40 years, we’re still fighting for those living with HIV and AIDS. Honor those we’ve lost. Support those who are still here.