The Latex Ball® 2023: Latexotica VIP Lounge

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Terminal 5
610 West 56 Street

New York, New York 10019

The Ball is free & open to all community members 18 years & older

Due to the tremendous popularity of the Latex Ball, this year we are requiring attendees to register for a free ticket in advance in order to be admitted to the event.

The link to register for a ticket—and more info—is available on The Latex Ball Facebook page.

The Latexotica VIP Lounge is back!

Patrons of the Latexotica Lounge will have access to the VIP entrance, free food, soft drinks, and chances to win exclusive giveaways during the Latex Ball.

For a chance to claim your spot in the Latexotica VIP Lounge, visit GMHC’s Testing Center to get tested for HIV, STIs and/or connection to PrEP/PEP services before June 3rd.

If you have already been diagnosed with HIV, you are still eligible to be tested for STIs and HCV! To make an appointment, click here or call us at 212-367-1100.

You can also walk in every Thursday from 9:30am–6pm. Make sure you tell the front desk at check-in that you’re there for the Latex Ball to be added to the VIP List!

Please note that the venue and VIP lounge are subject to capacity restrictions—first come, first served!

Additionally, the venue and VIP lounge are subject to capacity restrictions.

The Latex Ball® 2023: Music is My Life

GMHC’s Latex Ball® is the oldest annual event of the international House & Ball community.

This year we want to celebrate the different music genres and musical artists who have inspired people and left their mark in the world. For some of us music saved our lives. A song, a lyric or melody can help us through good and bad times, through love, loss, and grief. Music is therapeutic. A study once proved that music has a healing effect. Our favorite song can have a positive, immediate impact on our mental state; the feel-good hormone activates pleasure. We hope to bring that pleasure to you at this ball. 

There is only one Latex Ball® annually hosted by GMHC in New York City! The Latex Ball has celebrated over 30 years of ballroom magic. We cannot forget the purpose of the Latex Ball which is a celebration of life and a tribute to all those we have lost in Ballroom to AIDS-related complications. It is a commitment made in 1993 from GMHC that the Latex Ball and our services are here for the Ballroom community. We cannot forget the hundreds of Ballroom families that once graced the Latex runway. We cannot forget how a Vjuan Allure beat made us feel, we cannot forget how Derrick Xtravaganza moved us with his mesmerizing voguing moves or how Samantha James made us laugh. As we celebrate music as our theme, we also celebrate our ballroom angels. 

Check out The Latex Ball Facebook page!