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Buddy Program

Buddy HandsThe Buddy Program connects clients (from newly diagnosed to long-term survivors) with Buddy volunteers whose primary function is to provide emotional support.

Through a variety of activities, a Buddy provides socialization. Buddies can also keep clients up to date on services both at GMHC and in the larger community

Some examples of what Buddies do: 

  • Meet in a client’s home, park or local coffee shop.
  • Discuss a book, watch a movie, play a card or board game with a client.
  • Keep a client up to date about GMHC services, events, and activities.
  • Accompany a client to a museum, movie, exhibit or cultural event.
  • Accompany a client to a food or department store. 

Susan Rowley, JD, LMSW
Director | 212-367-1054 |