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Patients Lead NY

Patients as Partners

GMHC has been committed to giving voice to marginalized New Yorkers since its inception. Based on our experience that community organizing creates positive changes in the healthcare system, we are introducing our #PatientsLeadNY program. Participants in #PatientsLeadNY will learn about the complex healthcare system on the city, state, and national levels. #PatientsLeadNY will train participants to engage in patient-led advocacy and coalition building that will support them in communicating their needs to decision makers.


  • The mechanics of the NYC and NYS healthcare and policy systems,and how legislation is formed and made into law.
  • The effects of current policies on you and your communities–for example, the accessibility of health insurance under theAffordable Care Act.
  • Coalition building and advocacy skills to effectively communicate your needs and those of your communities to decision makers.


  • Attend weekly meetings to strategize and organize towards healthcare policy changes.
  • Attend monthly workshops where you will be trained in healthcare advocacy, including civic engagement and direct lobbying.
  • Advocate to legislators at City Hall in NYC, the NYS Capitol in Albany, and in Washington, D.C.

For more information, please contact: or
(212) 367-1509.