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GMHC Department Contacts

NamePhone NumberEmail Address
Action Center(212)
Buddy Program(212)
Care Coordination (also known as coordinated care)(212) 367-
Client Advocacy (212)
Community Health & Research (prevention programming) (212) 367-1385
Consumer Advisory Board(212)
Expanded Syringe Access Program(212)
Financial Managment (212)
HIV & Education Trainings (212) 367-1077
HIV & STI Testing Center (inquiries may be made in English and Spanish)(212) 367-1100 | (212) 367-1227
How To Become a Client (info for HIV+ and HIV- people, as well as those unsure of their status)(212)
Legal Services (inquiries may be submitted in both English and Spanish)(212) 367-1308 | (212) 367-1328 | (212) 367-1326
Meals Program (212)
Mental and Behavioral Health Service (212) 367-1225
Navigating the Affordable Care Act / Access to Healthcare
NY State Marketplace Insurance
ADAP & All Other Non-Marketplace

(646) 301-2874
(212) 367-1141
Nutrition Counseling & Education(212) 367-1259
Prevention & Community Health Services(212)
Prevention Services(212) 367-1106
Public Policy(212) 367-1000
Services for Black People(212)
Services for Latinx People(212) 367-1103
Services for Older Adults and Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS(212)
Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS(212)
Services for Services for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary People(212) 367-1000
Services for Women(212)
Services for Youth and Young Adults(212)
Research Services(212)
Supportive Housing(212)
Substance Use Services(212)
Terry Brenneis Hub for Long-Term Survivors (212) 367-1054
The Barbershop (Men’s Prevention Services)(212) 367-1388
Training, Education, and Capacity-Building Services(212)
Treatment Adherence Counseling (212) 367-1474
Wellness Center(914)
Women’s Care Prevention & Support Services (212) 367-1358
Workforce Development (212)
Youth Services (212) 367-1521