Compliance at GMHC

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Inc. (GMHC) Code of Conduct outlines “the core of our success is in the confidence our community supporters, funders, donors, employees, clients, and volunteers have in the way GMHC provides services with integrity and adherence to the highest possible professional and ethical standards. It is the responsibility of each GMHC employee to adhere to these standards by avoiding situations which might give the appearance of impropriety, or which may create a conflict between the employee’s best interest and those of the agency. Maintenance of these standards depends on the integrity and sound judgment of all employees. We do not make an attempt to describe all situations where ethical issues can arise. Employees are expected to exercise good judgment and to always act in accordance with the high standards of conduct to which GMHC is committed.”

GMHC is motivated toward ethical and compliant behavior, every day and in all ways. We are committed to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse; and to address compliance issues quickly and efficiently. 

You can feel safe reporting: GMHC has non-retaliation, non-intimidation and whistleblower policies protecting individuals who make reports in good faith. Reporting will be kept confidential.

To report compliance issues:

Contact: Keila Morales, Compliance Officer, ext. 1237 

To anonymously report details of a suspected compliance issue, please leave a voicemail message at 1 (212) 367-1275 or complete the form below.

Compliance Violation Form

To anonymously report details of a suspected compliance issue, please complete this form.

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