How Can We Help?

We serve women who are recently diagnosed with HIV, have been living with HIV for years, or are long-time survivors. We also lead prevention programs for women who are HIV-negative. Our comprehensive services are designed to support both your physical and mental health – and meet you where you are in your journey. We can provide help with housing, food, and employment, which are crucial to staying healthy. Nearly all of our services are open to women.

Our Programs

In our Women’s Care, Prevention and Support Services, we focus on the diverse needs of women living with and affected by HIV and AIDS through individual counseling and support groups. Prevention is major focus of our services for women. Our staff offer safe and nonjudgmental testing services for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), while providing access to condoms, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis).
We also host workshops and support groups on HIV prevention including the issues about negotiating safer sex, dating and intimacy. These workshops and support groups include: 

  • Women Empowering Women provides individual and group counseling support for woman-identified clients who have histories of substance use and mental health issues, incarceration, sex work and unstable housing. Services focus on issues such as cravings, triggers, relapse prevention, harm reduction strategies, coping with living with HIV/AIDS, maintaining sobriety, and others.
  • Together We Can provides supports for HIV-positive and HIV-negative clients about increasing knowledge of HIV transmission and negotiating safer sex. For women living with HIV, the program provides support in accessing HIV treatment and staying in care. This program includes the following interventions:
    • Healthy Relationships provides support in developing skills for relationships and sexual health.
    • Salud, Education, Prevencion, y Autocuidado provides support for Latinx women who identify as heterosexual on HIV prevention, healthy relationships, relationship violence, and how to advocate for oneself.
    • Triple Play is a single session wellness workshop provided to
      support women with a variety of sexual and reproductive health topics including safer sex, PrEP/PEP education, and opioid overdose prevention.
  • LEZ KEEP IT REAL Group – Evolving into our existence is a mutual aid group for women of color to talk about their life experiences, fears, sexuality, challenges, and abuse, among other topics. The meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday each month. The group is open to lesbian/bisexual/queer/questioning Women (adults).
All these trainings and workshops can be provided both on-site and off-site.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, while many of our services are for women living with HIV, we offer services to women who are HIV negative. For more information, please contact our intake department via email at intake@gmhc.org.

Yes, some of our programs for women are offered in Spanish.

You can complete the secure and confidential form on this page or call (212) 367-1057. Due to COVID-19, staff are providing remote intake services by phone for people who wish to become a GMHC client and access services. Staff will assess your needs and make referrals to programs and services provided by GMHC and/or our partners throughout New York City.

Yes, our services have different eligibility requirements. An intake specialist can help you understand requirements for our different services



Email mhs@gmhc.org or Ph. 212-367-1225.