Annual Report 2019

The GMHC Difference

Letter from the CEO and Board Chair

Dear GMHC Community:

GMHC excels in many ways, ensuring the communities we serve have access to high-quality HIV/AIDS services. Our comprehensive approach is designed to help people living with HIV/AIDS overcome barriers to healthy, productive lives.

For nearly four decades, GMHC has been a major partner with the City of New York and the State of New York in fighting to end the AIDS epidemic. In 2019, our contributions helped push new HIV infections to an historic low of 1,772. Our programs reach into communities where the epidemic now concentrates, particularly young Black and Latinx men who have sex with men.

The HIV care continuum is a public health model that outlines the stages people with HIV go through from diagnosis to achieving and maintaining viral suppression—the key to positive health outcomes and the virtual elimination of the risk of transmission. We work across nearly every step of the HIV care continuum. Again this year, our impact can be seen in our exceptionally high rates of linkage to care, adherence, and viral suppression rates: 91 percent of people who test HIV positive at GMHC were linked to care; 89 percent were adherent to treatment; and 94 percent were virally suppressed.

Our comprehensive model is vital to achieving these outcomes. In particular, our services work to address the barriers such as housing and food insecurity—social determinants of health—that prevent people from accessing and adhering to treatment. Many of our clients are homeless when they come to the agency, making housing one of the most requested services. It may sound simple but it’s profound: people who don’t have to worry about shelter or a place to sleep at night are more likely to take their medications and keep their doctor’s appointments. In 2019, all of our clients who gained permanent housing remain stably housed six months later, and this metric correlated closely with treatment adherence and viral suppression. Our model works.

Our impact along the HIV care continuum can also be seen in our approach to testing. In 2019, we relocated our Testing Center from West 29th Street to our new offices at West 38th Street, which allowed us to deliver all of our services under one roof. In 2019, the Testing Center conducted more than 3,000 HIV tests and nearly 7,100 STI tests. For those people who test HIV positive, we focus on immediately linking them to care. In some cases where the risk to follow-up is high, we actually escort newly diagnosed clients to their first doctor’s appointment to ensure that they enroll in care and begin treatment.

While the data speaks for itself, the real impact of our work can be seen in the individual stories of our clients. This year’s annual report provides a glimpse into how we’re changing lives, everyday, and making real progress towards the end of AIDS.  Your sustained generosity and support made all of this possible.


Kelsey Louie, CEO

Jon Mallow, Chair, GMHC Board of Directors

Why Housing is Healthcare

All GMHC clients living with HIV and AIDS who gained housing stay stably housed for six months (and even longer).

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Of Clients Who Gained Permanent Housing Remained Stably Housed 6 Months Later

The conditions where people live, learn, work, and play deeply affect health and well-being. For those living with HIV/AIDS, stable housing can make the difference in whether they can access medical care, adhere to treatment, and become virally suppressed.

Housing is a basic human need. Many people living with HIV/AIDS arrive at GMHC’s doors after being homeless for extended periods. Some may not have ever had their own home. Homelessness prevents people from accessing HIV care and treatment since other needs may take priority over healthcare. Homelessness also makes it more difficult to adhere to HIV medications, which can lead to poor health outcomes and increase the risk of transmitting the virus to others.

One of GMHC’s core services is supportive housing. Two programs provide clients living with HIV/AIDS with emergency temporary housing or permanent housing in the form of rental assistance or housing placement assistance. Depending on their needs, these programs are accessible to clients from their first day at the agency.

“We know that we have to get our homeless clients into stable housing as soon as possible,” said Kishani Moreno, GMHC chief operating officer who oversees the housing programs. “This is a critical part of their path toward good health and wellbeing.”

Moreno said clients who are stably housed show rapid improvement over a very short period of time. “Once they’re in an apartment, we see a lot of positive changes for people,” said Moreno. “They’re already a step ahead.”

In 2018 and 2019, GMHC received awards from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for achieving a 90+ percent viral suppression rate for clients in the agency’s permanent housing program.

José’s Experience with the Supportive Housing Program

GMHC housing staff know to “hit the ground running” with homeless clients living with HIV and AIDS as soon as they walk through the agency’s doors and ensure that they are connected to stable housing. Recently, José* was referred to GMHC by the pastor of a church. He arrived in the United States homeless after being kidnapped and raped in his country of origin and sold for money. GMHC staff were able to secure supportive housing for José on his first day at the agency. They accompanied him to his new home and assured that he had adequate clothing, dishes, and other essential items. They showed him how to open the apartment door and lock it when he went into his home— basic things that he did not know how to do. They also made the commitment to return two days later to check on how he was doing.

Since that day, José has remained stably housed and been able to move forward with his life. In addition to housing, GMHC provided him with mental health counseling to address trauma and information about living with HIV.

The road to stable housing also includes skills building for clients. GMHC leads workshops on how to communicate with landlords and the responsibilities of tenants. Other topics focus on house cleaning, shopping for healthy food, budgeting and entitlement management, personal hygiene, and stress reduction.

Clients attend monthly support groups where they can get together, hear other clients’ stories, and exchange resources. Through these groups, clients build a support network, learn how to address problems, and figure out what they need to stay on track.

“Housing can be a very lonely experience for clients who have learned to depend on the communities created in shelters,” said Moreno. “They need a support network and the platform to build relationships as well as learn important skills. These support groups provide that platform for clients.”

Many clients who are provided supportive housing find it a lifechanging experience. Many remain permanently housed or are able to secure apartments on their own without additional support from GMHC staff.

Supportive housing is in high demand by our clients. The programs are at full capacity and there is currently a wait list. While GMHC continues to look for ways to increase our housing capacity, our efforts will focus on ensuring clients like José stay on track physically and emotionally.

Reflecting on his experience with GMHC, José said, “I am so thankful to all the departments within GMHC as I was able to obtain all kinds of help. Currently, I am doing very well health-wise, and I feel really good to be a part of GMHC.”

*José’s name is a pseudonym to protect his identity.

Linkage to Care is a Critical Part of the Strategy to End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in New York City

0 %
Of Clients Who Tested Positive Were Linked to Care

GMHC’s Testing Center plays a critical role on the HIV care continuum in ensuring newly diagnosed people are immediately linked to health care and have the comprehensive support needed to maintain their health and well-being.

In 2019, 91 percent of GMHC clients who tested positive were linked to care within 30 days, which represents a significant testament to the effectiveness of the GMHC model.

Newly diagnosed people who are linked to care are more likely to achieve viral suppression, a key outcome to protect health and prevent onward transmission of the virus. Since 2008, the number of new infections in New York City have dropped by more than 50 percent due in part to a focus on linking newly diagnosed people to care and treatment.

In 2019, the Testing Center staff conducted 3,038 HIV tests. Forty-seven of those tests yielded a positive result and GMHC successfully linked 44 people out of this group to HIV care.

GMHC’s high linkage to care rate owes in part to the compassionate and welcoming approach of the Testing Center. New York Magazine once called GMHC the “Best Place for an HIV test” in New York City.

“We have a non-judgmental, non-shaming approach,” said Omi Singh, MPH, director of the Testing Center. “We don’t ask questions just to pry and poke. Rather, we ask questions about people’s lives to help them.”

When a person comes into the Testing Center, a testing counselor talks with them about their HIV risks including their sexual practices and substance use. They also ask about how they might be protecting themselves from infection and provide information about condoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP). 

“We don’t just draw people’s blood and run the HIV test,” said Singh. “We want to help people whether they test positive or negative move forward with their lives.”

Counselors are trained to address the range of emotional reactions from shock to denial that can accompany an HIV diagnosis. “If a person tests positive, this can be quite a shock for some,” said Singh. “There are people still affected by HIV-related stigma.” 

For those who test positive, counselors explain what an HIV diagnosis means and the importance of getting into care to protect their health and prevent transmission to others. Because the period immediately following a diagnosis is critical, counselors will try to make appointments for medical care while a newly diagnosed person is still in the Testing Center. In some cases, staff may escort newly diagnosed people at high risk of being lost to follow-up to nearby healthcare clinics where GMHC has partnerships.

For some people, housing and food insecurity may present barriers to get people linked to care. Healthcare often takes a back seat when people don’t have enough food to eat or are homeless. “Our comprehensive services are designed to address these needs so people who are linked to care remain enrolled,” said Singh.

While most people who come to the Testing Center don’t know their status, some people show up knowing they are HIV positive and seek out the agency’s help in linking them to care. Singh recalled the experience of a young man who recently came to the Testing Center who knew he was already HIV-positive. He was new to New York City, but did not have access to HIV medicines, medical care, or insurance.  A Testing Center counselor linked him to care and provided him information about other GMHC’s services that were available to him. Singh recalled his response. “A few days ago, I did not have medicine, a doctor, or health insurance, and now I have all three with thanks to you.”

While the Testing Center staff primarily operate out of GMHC’s headquarters, they also bring testing services to the community through a mobile testing unit and conduct on-site testing at colleges and universities, health fairs, faith communities, bars, and events throughout the year.

“Many people are unaware that they are infected with HIV,” said Singh. “We need to continue making taking testing as accessible as possible, especially in communities where the epidemic concentrates today.”

Financial Summary

Download the 2019 Financial Summary

Cash and Cash Equivalent$645,204
Government Grants Receivable$6,353,416
Medicaid Receivables$165,597
Contributions Receivable, Net$602,204
Other Receivables$1,275,109
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets$403,900
Property and Equipment$4,618,484
Restricted Cash$250,061
Security Deposits$4,089,748
Total Assets$18,403,723
Liabilities and Net Assets 
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses$3,653,347
Deferred Rent and Rent Incentives$3,664,765
Government Contract Advances$1,089,398
Note payable$272,868
Capital lease$732,546
Line of credit$4,000,000
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$13,412,924
Support and Revenue 
Special Events$1,267,937
Government Contracts$16,184,707
Medicaid Revenue$850,535
Program Revenue$241,965
Contributed Services and In-Kind Support$328,680
Other Revenue$266,080
Total Revenue$26,998,236
Support and Revenue 
Program Services$20,377,729
Management and General$7,812,076
Total Expenses$29,274,310
Change in net assets$-2,276,074
Net assets at beginning of year$7,266,873
Net assets at end of year$4,990,799
The consolidated statement of financial position of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. and affiliates and related consolidated statements of activities and changes in net assets, and of cash flows were audited by Grant Thornton LLP. The condensed consolidated financial statements represented here have been derived from the consolidated audited financial statements. Copies of the audit reports and the complete consolidated financial statements are available upon request to Michael Hester, Vice President of Finance, at GMHC, 307 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018-9502

Donor List 2019


The Estate of Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd $1,000,000                                                            
Gilead Sciences, Inc. $2,140,000
Steve, Laurie, Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Philanthropic Fund in honor of Joan H. Tisch$1,500,000
Delta Air Lines $195,000
Elton John AIDS Foundation $100,000
The Estate of Ronald Gazzola $166,712
H. van Ameringen Foundation $200,000
Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP $145,000
The Estate of Kenneth Leedom and Peter Cott $250,963
The New York Community Trust $143,000
The Research Foundation of the City University of New York $100,000
ViiV Healthcare $275,000
The Keith Haring Foundation $75,000
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc. $65,000
The Estate of Jordan C. Miller $50,000
The Estate of Harold Rosenberg $75,273
Walgreens $51,581
Wells Fargo & Company $50,000
Joe Arena and Thomas D’Eletto $25,250
Barclays Capital $40,000
Bloomberg Philanthropies $25,000
David Boger $42,250
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS $35,000
Costco Wholesale $40,000
Druckenmiller Foundation $25,000
Duane Reade, Inc. $41,581
Harvard University $25,000
Michael Harwood and Theo Dorian $32,296
Johnson & Johnson $28,825
David Kleinberg $39,821
The Estate of Vincent Lipomi $32,680
Kelsey Louie $36,120
New York Shakespeare Festival $27,381
Northern Trust $30,000
PepsiCo $25,000
Eric and Fiona Rudin $45,000
The Ted Snowdon Foundation $25,000
Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch $25,000
Henry van Ameringen $25,000
VNSNY Choice Select Health $25,000
Craig Weltha $37,000



AIDS Healthcare Foundation$20,000
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield$15,000
Mark Bavoso$10,000
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Joshua and Amy Boger$16,800
Carl Jacobs Foundation$10,000
Mariana Closset $15,855
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The Hagedorn Fund$20,000
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National Philanthropic Trust$10,000
New York-Presbyterian Hospital$10,000
PayPal Giving Fund$21,985
Pernod Ricard USA$20,000
Pfizer, Inc.$10,768
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The Rockefeller Foundation$12,500
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Emily Grishman$500
Judy Gross$500
Danielle Gulotta$500
Sharon Gurwitz$750
Kayreen Handley$500
Edward Harris$505
Bruce Harrison$500
Shirley Harrison$500
Donald Hart$500
James Hartman$650
Jennifer Hartstein$529
Gary Hattem and Frazier Holloway$500
Mitchell Heller$540
Janet Henner$500
Michael Henry$530
Yaz Hernandez$529
Michael Hester$820
Matthew Higgs$500
Dwayne Hill$500
Robert Hoffmann$500
David Hogan$900
Lawrence Holtzin and Ian Tattenbaum$529
Human Civil Rights Organizations of America$954
Blake Hunter$500
Ivan Hurwitz$525
Imperial Court of New York$500
Susan Ingerman$500
Gregory Jackson$600
Myrna and Edward Jenkins$500
Carmen Jenovese$500
Keith Johnson$500
Stephen Johnson$500
Jeffrey Jones$500
Adam Kandel$800
Justin Kao$600
Lawrence Kaplen$750
Matthew Katzenson$500
Mark Keegan$500
Gerry Keis$600
Leona Kern$500
Daniel Klaus$500
Joanna Knobler, M.D.$500
David Kohlenberg$540
Anthony and Sandra Kosinski$500
Rae Krelitz$500
John Kuehn$500
Labyrinth Dance Theatre$500
Ronan Lafaix$900
JeanPierre Lahondere$500
Joe Lamastra$500
Joann Lang$500
Richard Lang$600
Larry Lautzenheiser and Ruben Valdez$640
Juanita and Joseph Leff$500
Ted Lenox$500
David Levin$529
Raymond Lewis$500
Kenneth Lin$500
Trevor Lippman$550
James Lisante$500
Daniel Lobitz$500
Loreal USA, Inc.$544
Marjorie Lux$500
Sara Lynde and Vicki Stevenson$600
Peter M. Taub$500
Adam MacLean $861
Serafino Maiorano$500
Russell Makowsky$500
Eddie Mannis$500
Jesse Manocherian$530
Douglas Marron$500
Howard Marton$906
Douglas Mateyaschuk$600
Daniel Maury$500
Jolene McCaw$500
Virginia McCulloh and Nancy Kohlreiter$529
Rebecca McGough$525
Gerald McLoughlin$500
Michael and Richard Merritt$500
Catherine and Michael Meyer$500
AJ Michel$500
James Michelson$544
Eli Milbaur$500
Dean Millard$500
Bruce Miller$500
Jonathan Miller$529
Michael Miller$500
Isai Miranda$530
John Mitchell$529
Maynard Monrow$500
Miriam Montgomery$500
Alain Montour$565
Karen and Michael Moore$627
Katherine Moore$500
Kathleen Moore$600
Frank Morabito$900
Gary Munk$529
David Murphy$600
Nazareth College$500
H.R. Nicholson$500
David Nickle and Hal Rubenstein$600
Raymond Nied$500
Timothy O’Brien$550
Stephen Oremus$530
Matthew Palmer$634
Louise Passick$500
Nicholas Pellegrino$560
Phillip Picardi$500
Linda Pilaro$500
Positive Tracks$655
The Pratt Family Fund of the Princeton Area$500
Shelley Prussack$750
Peter Purpura$500
John Quinn$600
Seth Radwell$500
Yolanda Ragland$500
Steven Rank$500
Maxine Rapoport$500
Richard Read$500
Gregory Reed$900
John Renninger$900
Jeremy Robbins$500
Julia Rocco$500
Rockefeller Archive Center$500
Roger Rose$500
S&P Global Foundation$800
Lynn Sable$800
Dr. Jill Salberg$500
Sarah Sanderlin$500
Frank Schaefer$500
Gretchen Schnabel$750
Schoenhut Family Foundation$500
Jason Schreiber$600
David and Stephanie Schwartz$500
Paul Sears$500
Michael Shattner$500
Jason Shaw$500
Rebecca Shea$501
Judith Siegel$750
Dan Silver$500
Michael Silver$500
Leslie Simitch$846
Richard Sinnott$529
Susan Slaff$800
Samantha Slager$713
Dennis H. Smith$500
Rollin Smith$585
Joseph Sobleskie$500
Charles Sperling$855
Ernest Spieler$630
Allan Starr$500
Grace Church School$732
Esther Sternberg$500
Andrew Stewart$500
Abigail Stokes$550
Krishna Stone$721
Samuel Stone Household$500
Court Stroud$550
Susanna Suh$500
Anthony Sweeney$500
Max Szadek$617
Shannan Tarrer$500
Virginia Teller$530
Gabrielle Tenzer$500
Karl Thies Jr.$500
Eric Thirer$600
Matthew Thomas$529
Thomas Thompson$500
Henry Tisch$500
Karen Tobia$500
Elyse Topalian$500
Christopher Tower$500
Joseph Trohman$955
Scott Turner$500
UBS AG$615
Lucia Vail$650
Minerva Velazquez-Munoz$500
Thomas von Foerster$530
John Walsh$525
Barton Warner$500
Madeline Weeks$846
Harold Weidman$500
Joseph Weinike$600
Frederick Wertheim$500
Danny Whitman$500
Louise Wilson$500
Jeff Wolk$846
Marc Wright$800
John Wurmser$500
Ross Yasgur$500
Daniel Young$500
Craig Zimmerman$500