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Re-Charge: for people who use crystal meth

Re-Charge, a new health and wellness program for people who use crystal meth, is an open, sex-positive, safe-space to learn about safer crystal meth use and explore a strategy that works for you. Drop-ins occur twice a week, on Tuesdays from 5–8 pm and Thursdays from 4–7 pm.
Who is Re-Charge for?

Re-Charge offers a range of individualized services for those who use meth. Re-Charge was specifically designed for men who have sex with men and individuals of trans experience who have sex with men.
We are committed to the practice of harm reduction, which means that you can continue to use meth while accessing services. Re-Charge will meet you where you are and help you reach your health and wellness goals. While abstinence can be your goal, it is not required.
What should I do to get help?
Attend a drop-in group and connect with other community members. Or, if you prefer, call or text  (917) 667-1093 or email to and schedule a time to meet with a staff member. You can also find more resources here: