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GMHC Applauds NYC Council for Override of Bloomberg's Veto of Community Safety Act Bills


New York, NY--Today, New York City Council took a major step toward ensuring the public safety all New Yorkers.  The City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg's vetos of two Community Safety Act bills. The two bills will now become law, effective January 1, 2014.  

They were sponsored by Council Members Jumaane Williams and Brad Lander.  Together the bills will create permanent and independent oversight of the NYPD (Intro 1079) and a strong and enforceable ban on discriminatory profiling based on race, sexual orientation, gender expression, country of origin, housing status and other categories (Intro 1080).

"Stigma related to race, sexual orientation and gender identity continues to be a driving force of the HIV epidemic in New York City," said Janet Weinberg, Chief Operating Officer of GMHC. "It is critical that police committed to protecting all New Yorkers stop harming them through profiling based on real or perceived race, sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status."

GMHC thanks City Council for its brave and responsible action today and looks forward to continuing our joint civil rights work for all.