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Current HIV Statistics

Demographic Statistics


Worldwide Statistics

 At the end of 2009, there are an estimated 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS and 2.5 million children are living with HIV/AIDS. About 2.7 million people were newly infected with HIV. Women account for an estimated 17 million of all adults living with HIV/AIDS. Young people (under 25 years old) account for half of all new HIV infections. There were an estimated 1.7 million AIDS deaths 2011. More than 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981.

United States Statistics

In 2011, an estimated 49,273 people became infected with HIV. More than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV. Through 2010, more than 636,000 people with AIDS in the U.S. have died since the epidemic began.

New York City Statistics

New York leads the nation in the number of new HIV cases.More than 114,000 New Yorkers are living with HIV/AIDS, and yet 20% do not know they are infected. To date, over 100,000 New Yorkers have died from AIDS-related causes. HIV is the third leading cause of death for NYC residents ages 35 to 54.

Gay Men/Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)

In NYC, 68% of new HIV diagnoses were among men who have sex with men (MSM), a group that has always been heavily affected by HIV/AIDS and remains at high risk. Nationally, MSM accounted for 63% of all new HIV infections as well as nearly half of people living with HIV. Young black MSM accounted for 45% of new HIV infections among black MSM and 55% of new HIV infections among young MSM overall.

Over-50 Population

In NYC, 42% of HIV-positive New Yorkers are over fifty. Nationally, people aged 55 and older accounted for 19% of the estimated 1.1 million people living with HIV infection in 2010. Of the estimated new HIV infections in 2010 among Americans aged 55 and older: 36% were in white men, and 4% were in white women; 24% were in black men, and 15% were in black women; 12% were in Hispanic/Latino men, and 4% were in Hispanic/Latino women.

People of Color

In NYC, 81% of new HIV diagnoses and AIDS-related deaths are among African Americans and Hispanics. In the U.S., 65% of new infections were among African Americans and Hispanics.


Nationally, about one in four new HIV infections are among youth, ages 13 to 24. Young people aged 13–29 accounted for 39% of all new HIV infections in 2009. Almost 80% of all adolescent infections are among males in the U.S. Nine out of 10 adolescent male HIV infections result from male-to-male sexual contact. The same proportion of adolescent females is infected from heterosexual contact.