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Workforce Development Program

The mission of the Moving Ahead Toward Career Horizons (MATCH) Program at GMHC is to encourage and assist men and women in their efforts to succeed in the workplace. We offer comprehensive vocational assessment, training, job placement assistance and retention services to insure successful transition to work. With enhanced skills, self esteem and confidences built by the program, participants are motivated to attain employment and achieve greater financial independence and autonomy.

Employment Counseling and Job Readiness Services
The MATCH program walks participants step by step through the process of employment. We begin with employment counseling to explore and discover your employment goals. We work with you on career development, workplace etiquette and time management. Also available to you are seminars to help you in creating and updating your resume and cover letters. We have classes in improving your interview techniques, budget management, and how to effectively market your skills with the objective of obtaining employment. Our Job Development team will work with you on job search strategies, interview opportunities, job placement assistance and job retention services to ensure your success in the workplace. All participants are required to attend a MATCH Open House to register for our program.

The RISE Program
RISE (Realizing Independence through Support and Employment) is GMHC’s newest Workforce Development Program specifically designed to help HASA clients gain access to gainful employment. Through a collaboration with NYC Human Resource Administration’s HASA program, RISE provides vocational training, internships, employment counseling and job placement and retention assistance to HIV-positive individuals who receive HASA benefits. RISE orientations are conducted every Monday at 11 am at GMHC. For more information, call 212.367.1030.

Power Suited Initiative
The Power Suited Initiative offers business attire free of charge to our clients going on job interviews.  The MATCH Program at GMHC provides men and women vocational counseling, education, specialized training, job-placement assistance and support to find employment, but they need to have proper clothing to succeed.  If you would like to donate new or gently used women’s and men’s clothes or receive more information about our program, please contact Amanda Cruz, Coordinator/Workforce Development/MATCH, at 212.367.1545 or email at

Administrative Internship Opportunities
There are numerous opportunities for those seeking administrative internships at GMHC, where interns can gain valuable skills and experience, which can help in any job search. We welcome those from community based organizations, business colleges, and job training programs. For information call Amanda Cruz, Coordinator/Workforce Development/MATCH, at 212.367.1545 or email at

The Learning Institute GED Program at MATCH
This program provides classes for those who are motivated to complete their GED and college prep course work in a supportive environment. Learners at all skill levels are welcome, and classes are structured so that those with similar abilities are grouped together to maximize the classroom time. Admission is on a on-going basis, with no wait to begin the intake process. Classes take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 5:30 – 9 pm.

SUNY ATTAIN Computer Lab at GMHC
A 24-station computer lab designed to assist those who are seeking employment, job training, or improved computer skills. In addition to access to the internet for employment research, this lab offers an array of computer-based trainings in various fields. Topics include: Carpentry, Cosmetology, Electrician, Child Care Provider, and Office Worker, and are an excellent way for people to explore fields of interest. There are also computer-based, self-paced trainings available for computer programs such as Excel, Microsoft Word, FrontPage, PowerPoint, and Access. Open lab hours are: Monday and Wednesday, 5 – 7 pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 3 – 7 pm, and Friday 2 – 8 pm. For more information call Prakash Bhatia, Computer Lab Manager, at 212.367.1351 or

MATCH Monthly Open Houses

Each week the MATCH Program offers a two hour Open House to present to you the services we offer. It is an opportunity to gain information and ask questions about our program. To find out more about how the MATCH Program can help meet your needs, come to our weekly Open House. The Advocacy Unit and Legal Department will be making brief presentations on the services they offer and how they help make your transition back to work smooth. Registration will follow with Open House for those interested. For more information on how to apply or for times of the next Open House, please call Amanda Cruz, Coordinator/Workforce Development/MATCH, at 212.367.1545 or email at Please click here to view a downloadable PDF of MATCH's Open House Schedule.