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Services for Youth and Young Adults

The Club House

The Club House is a loving and fun drop-in safe space! It is a club specifically designed to focus on the unique needs and interests of LGBQ and TGNC Youth and Young adults who want to learn how to make smart decisions in their lives and have support in doing so. The Club House is located at GMHC. It features a cyber café equipped with IMac Computers, library and lounge area. Participants will have fun interacting with peers, learning about themselves, and getting necessary tools to making well-informed decisions for living healthier lives. Our menu of activities and events include vogueing, fashion, video making, and Job search & resume writing workshops, empowerment sessions, dance classes, Kiki functions, community forums and workshops among others. The Club House is open Monday to Fridays from 3pm until 8:30pm. For more information regarding the Clubhouse, contact Luna Ortiz at 212.367.1017.


The Social

THE SOCIAL is a cultural adaptation of the d-Up!: defend yourself evidence-based intervention. It is designed to promote condom use, self-worth social norms, and perceptions among young gay men of color and those males who have sex with men (MSM). The intervention capitalizes on the power of opinion leaders to help minimize risky sexual norms and behaviors within their own friendship circles. These opinion leaders are trained to have conversations with their friends and acquaintances, which promote the benefits of consistent condom use and increase feelings of positive self-worth.

    Earn up to $100 and up to $50 more in peer referrals

  • Free food and refreshments
  • Counseling and Testing for HIV/STIs
  • MetroCards and other giveaways
  • Recruitment and engagement activities to work with people in networks whose advice is respected and trusted by their peers
  • Distribution and promotion of safe and consistent condom use
  • Education about PrEP, PEP and other biomedical interventions
  • Referrals to Mount Sinai Hospital and other medical partners for HCV testing, PrEP services,  and other medical care
  • Referral and access to the clubhouse, which offers a safe space where clients can discuss health, social and emotional issues, and receive continued risk reduction counseling, and build community
  • Referral and access to workforce development programs, mental health and substance use clinics, along with social marketing programs

If you are interested in joining The Social, please contact

All services are free and confidential.