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GMHC Services

Program Descriptions

All programs take place at 446 West 33rd Street except where noted.

Client Intake 

Client Intake is your entry point into GMHC and offers comprehensive and holistic intake, assessment and re-assessment services to HIV-positive and at-risk individuals. We work with you to ensure you are effectively linked to vital programmatic services. The Client Intake department is staffed by trained intake clinicians and support staff who will assist you in becoming a client of GMHC and guide you to the appropriate program.
(212) 367-1000,

Community Health and Research

Community Health and Research, located at the GMHC Center for HIV Prevention (224 West 29th Street), works with HIV-positive individuals and people at high risk for HIV infection — especially youth, women of color, and the LGBTQ community. Club 1319 offers teenagers who are gay, bisexual or questioning, a drop-in space with access to a computer lab, HIV prevention and other workshops, and career development programs. We provide opportunities to help create social marketing and outreach campaigns. We also organize the annual Latex Ball, the premier ballroom event in the nation. Contact us on how you can become involved.
(212) 367-1385,

Coordinated Care   

The Coordinated Care Department provides case management services through our COBRA and Transitional Care Coordination programs. We connect you and your family to vital community resources and support you in negotiating and coordinating your care. We will assist you with finding housing, medical care, health insurance, entitlements, food, substance use services, dental services, mental health providers, job training services, support groups, and treatment education. Our goal is to help you become stable and self-sufficient.
(212) 367-1174,

David Geffen Center for HIV Prevention and Health Education  

The David Geffen Center for HIV Prevention and Health Education provides free, confidential HIV and STI testing, outreach, and health education at the GMHC Center for HIV Prevention (224 West 29th Street) and in the community setting. You can call our toll-free Helpline to talk with a counselor. We can also assist you to identify and access medical care and supportive services, including treatment adherence, HIV prevention counseling, substance abuse counseling, and risk reduction counseling.
(212) 367-1100,
Helpline: (800) 243-7692

Legal, Client Advocacy and Client Finacial Services  

The Legal Department can help you to avoid eviction; file bankruptcy; obtain PRUCOL status; access benefits; apply for Social Security; request a fair hearing; obtain a reasonable accommodation from your employer; prosecute an HIV-related discrimination claim; apply for a green card, asylum, or citizenship; and address a range of other legal issues. Client Advocacy can help you with your Social Security application or appeal, insurance issues, and problems with HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration).
General legal questions: (212) 367-1134
Health insurance, benefits, Social Security:
(212) 367-1143
Immigration appointment: (212) 367-1321
All questions:

Michael Palm Center for AIDS Care and Support   

The Michael Palm Center offers mental health, support and prevention services. Mental Health Services offer you multi-disciplinary individual, group and substance use counseling and treatment adherence to adults living with HIV/AIDS. Women’s Care, Prevention and Support Services (WCPSS), comprised of three HIV/STI prevention and care programs, offers counseling, education and support groups to HIV-positive and high-risk HIV-negative women of color. Outstanding Beautiful Brothers (OBB), GMHC’s Young Men’s Prevention Program, provides individual and group mental health counseling and art therapy treatment as well as community building and educational groups to gay, bisexual, questioning and other men (between the ages of 18–29) who have sex with men, regardless of HIV status.
Mental Health Services: (212) 367-1165 |
Outstanding Beautiful Brothers:
(212) 367-1139 |
(212) 367-1358,

Public Policy 

If you’re interested in learning more about HASA, Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs that affect you, join the Action Center. We’re a group of committed GMHC clients who gather every week to discuss political issues and public benefits. If you haven’t done much advocacy in the past, you can learn more about opportunities to make change. If you’re a seasoned advocate, you can discuss issues that interest you and meet with your elected officials. We have three groups: women, housing, and drop-in (for many different issues). Please contact the Action Center for meeting times and locations.
(212) 367-1354,

Volunteer, Work and Wellness Center   

The Volunteer, Work and Wellness Center offers you a variety of services designed to improve and maintain your health and well-being. The Meals Program provides lunch Monday through Thursday, and dinner on Friday evening. The Nutrition Education Program offers food pantry services, nutrition counseling, nutrition groups, cooking classes, body mass assessments, and information about herbs and supplements. The Wellness Program offers a wide variety of complimentary therapies and services including: yoga, massage therapy, exercise, ear point acupuncture, painting and sculpture classes, scholarships for non-credited courses at area colleges, free or low cost theater and movie tickets, a lending library, free haircuts and special events for clients. The Workforce Development MATCH (Moving Ahead Toward Career Horizons) Program supports clients who are interested in transition-to-work services including vocational counseling, GED and college prep classes, job training, skills-based training, and job placement and retention services. The Volunteer Center recruits, trains, places and supports GMHC volunteers and interns for positions in all departments at GMHC. All clients are welcome to participate. Call for information about Volunteer Open Houses.
Meals & Wellness: (212) 367-1420
Nutrition Services:
(212) 367-1420
Volunteer Center:
(212) 367-1030
Workforce Development MATCH
(Moving Ahead Toward Career Horizons) Program: (212) 367-1030
All questions:


Consumer Advisory Board

The Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of GMHC clients, staff, volunteers and community partners providing input to GMHC on the agency’s programs and services. Participation in the CAB is your opportunity to learn how the agency works, suggest how to make things work better, and participate in the implement of suggestions in collaboration with staff. The CAB holds meetings monthly, and has an office on the 7th floor where meeting and activity schedules are posted. For more information and a membership application please visit the 7th floor office, call (212) 367-1170 or write to

GMHC acknowledges the contributions of the Consumer Advisory Board to the publication of the Guide. For a large-print edition of this Guide, please visit a receptionist at GMHC or click here. The Program Guide is also available in Spanish, please click here to download.

Client Advocacy

Assists clients to obtain and maintain Government Benefits.
Eligibility: All clients of GMHC
Contact: Alexandra Remmel: (212) 367-1143
Walk in hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am – 1 pm
Advocacy Helpline: (212) 367-1125 on Wednesdays from 2 pm – 5:30 pm

Care Coordination

Assists clients managing healthcare, treatment, housing, and legal concerns.
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - men and women
(Limited services available for HIV negative clients)
Contact: (212) 367-1098 |

Complementary Therapies and Recreational Activities

Array of massage and physical therapies including, reiki, yoga, rolfing, and feldenkrais. Art classes, acting classes, & writing workshops.
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1273

HIV/STI Testing

Free testing for HIV, Hep C, and Syphilis
Eligibility: Anyone
Clients previously diagnosed with syphilis are ineligible for syphilis testing due to equipment limitations
Contact: (212) 367-1100 |

Expanded Syringe Access Program

Provides clean, free syringes
Eligibility: Anyone age 18+
Contact: (212) 367-1384 |

Legal Services

Free legal services in the areas of finance, family, confidentiality, work, wills, and discrimination, immigration, landlord/tenant
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1040 | contact

Representative PayeeProgram

Receives and manages client’s SSI/SSD check. Uses check to pay client’s rent and utilities. Refunds balance of check to client
Eligibility: HIV positive clients, men and women, recipients of SSI/SSD.
Contact: (212) 367-1493

Nutrition Counseling & Education

Individual nutrition counseling, group nutrition education workshops, BIA testing
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1259 | (212) 367-1263 |

Treatment Adherence Counseling

Individualized counseling to aid client in taking medications correctly
Eligibility: HIV positive and negative clients - men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1474

MATCH (Moving Ahead Toward Career Horizons) Program

MATCH is a collection of services that provide job readiness training, GED courses, employment assistance, and computer training
Eligibility: HIV positive and negative individuals over age 18.
Contact: (212) 367-1013

Women’s Care, Prevention and Support Services (WCPSS)

Individual counseling sessions, support groups, medical referrals, and substance use referrals to women with mental health and substance use concerns
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - women
(Limited services available to HIV Negative clients)
Contact: (212) 367-1358 |

Meals Program

Provides free hot lunch Monday - Thursday and dinner on Friday
Eligibility: HIV positive clients - men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1420 |

Mental Health Services

Individual and group mental health services, art therapy
Substance use counseling and housing assistance
Eligibility: HIV positive clients (and their families), men and women
Contact: (212) 367-1165 |

Prevention Services

Individual and group services to aid clients in adopting HIV risk-reduction behaviors
Eligibility: HIV positive and negative clients - men
Contact: (212) 367-1106

Volunteer Center

Training and placement of volunteers within GMHC
Eligibility: All welcome
Contact: (212) 367-1030 |

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For additional information, please contact or call (212) 367-1056.

To find additional information or to find services in an area by you, please visit the CDC and/or the DOH websites.