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Sustainable Living Fund

The Sustainable Living Fund (SLF) provides rental assistance to eligible New York City residents who have symptomatic HIV/AIDS. SLF works in partnership with community based organizations (CBOs) that provide services to individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families. In order for a CBO to access funds from the SLF for its clients, it must first sign a “Participating CBO” Linkage Agreement with GMHC’s SLF program.

SLF provides three types of rental assistance:

  1. Rental Start-up costs, which include payment of first month’s rent, security deposit and/or broker’s fee;
  2.  Eviction prevention rental assistance; and
  3. Long term rental subsidy.

If a client contacts SLF directly, he or she will be given a referral to a participating CBO. The number to call is (212) 367-1114 or email SLF clients do not need to become GMHC clients.