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Mental Health

Mental Health Services at GMHC

MHS Group services offers a safe space to help HIV + individuals reduce isolation and shame, learn healthy relationship skills, and get support coping with a variety of challenges. All groups require advance registration and intake into MHS. We offer a multi-disciplinary mental health clinic at GMHC that provides short-term mental health, substance-abuse and treatment adherence counseling to adults living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation to individuals who meet financial and residential eligibility requirements. Email: or call 212 367-1165 for more information.

Our Philosophy...
We engage clients in an holistic, individually tailored collaborative approach. This is accomplished by creating a dynamic relationship between the client, therapist and other services providers within GMHC and the community. As a team, care coordinate is intended to support the client’s overall mental health and well-being. The impact of psychosocial stressors and behavior on physical health and quality of life are identified to support clients in making informed decisions. Client strengths are utilized to develop comprehensive and achievable treatment plans.

Types of issues we address...
We work with clients on a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma, identity, alcohol and substance use, compulsive sexual behavior, grief and loss, and relationship/family problems. We also support clients with mental illness through care coordination with their psychiatrist and 1:1 weekly counseling.

Who we are...
Our staff consists of professionals in the fields of Clinical Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Creative Arts Therapies, Substance Use Counseling, and Counseling Assistant.

What we provide…
Counseling services are available in English. Clients enrolled in Mental Health Services are members of GMHC. In addition to the general intake of the agency, potential clients of Mental Health Services will need to be scheduled for a psychosocial assessment before receiving services. Following the assessment the client will be assigned a therapist and/or therapy group, based on availability and the client’s individual preferences. The expectation is that clients will participate in short- term (3-12 months) weekly sessions.

Individual Counseling program provides 1:1 individual weekly therapy sessions.

Family Counseling program works with families, whether biological or of choice, on a wide range of issues such as disclosure, loss, parenting skills and effective communication.

Couple Counseling is offered to couples who have been together for at least 1 year. Issues include healthy communication, trust, behavior change, and discordant HIV status couples.

Group Therapy focuses on issues such as: a New Diagnosis, Disclosure Concerns, Depression/Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Living Well with HIV, Young and Poz, Art Therapy, Long Term Survivors, Gay Men’s Support Groups, Sober Living and others. Click here for a full listing of groups or download the Mental Health Services Winter 2014 Brochure (PDF)

Creative Arts Therapy provides group and 1:1 individual weekly interventions that use the creative processes of art making, verbal and non-verbal expression and art projects to help foster change and enhance well-being.

CRCS is an intensive, client-centered risk-reduction program for male and female clients who are HIV+ or who are at high risk for HIV infection or transmission. In this form of counseling, clients are counseled: to increase their knowledge about both HIV and substance use, to have dialogue about the relationship between substance use and unsafe sexual behaviors, to set realistic therapeutic and personal goals around drug and alcohol use, as well as addressing risky sexual behaviors.

For additional information about CRCS contact Robert at: 212-367-1230 or

Mental Health Services Winter 2014 Brochure

Click here to download the PDF.