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Client Advocacy

Attention anyone whose private insurance or Medigap policy is paid by Medicaid: They are doing a cost effectiveness review on all policies and will need EOBs of medical care and drug coverage. There is a good chance that because of this review they will discontinue payments. Please contact Advocacy with any questions at either 212.367.1143 or 1175.

We assist and educate the newly diagnosed and long term survivors in applying for benefits and Social Security, securing housing and food stamps, and accessing health insurance, in order that they receive shelter, financial support, food, and uninterrupted, quality health care.  Our advocates provide assistance in navigating the government and private bureaucracies that control the delivery of HIV-specific public benefits, entitlements* and private health care.  Clients returning to work are also informed about how to maintain their benefits and get re-trained after an extended absence from the work force.  We assist working HIV-positive individuals to retain private insurance if jobs are lost or change insurances if health care needs alter.

We work closely with other programs and services in order to provide comprehensive care and support. Referrals can be made for legal and supportive services, nutrition assistance, women-specific programs and case management.  Additionally, advocates work with other AIDS-service organizations and community-based organizations to provide technical assistance and on public policy issues to assure that our clients' concerns are addressed.

Click here for the 2011 Client Advocacy Entitlements Quick Sheet.

You can also contact or call the Client Advocacy Helpline at 212.367.1125, open every Wednesday from 2 pm – 5:30 pm, or the Medicare Helpline at 212.367.1136, Mondays from 3 pm – 5:30 pm.


Benefits and Entitlements

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