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It Helps Us Keep Our Doors Open

Who You Help

When you donate to GMHC, your money affects the lives of real New Yorkers dealing with an HIV infection, and helps to support our AIDS prevention work nation-wide. Below is a video from the Chair of our Consumer Advisory Board, Manny Rivera, about how GMHC has affected his life. Thank you for helping us in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


When There's Nowhere Else to Turn

It's no secret that there is a lot of stigma surrounding an HIV-positive diagnosis. But when you're afraid that reaching out will only mean being pushed away, where do you turn? GMHC has been opening our doors to those affected by, or at risk of becoming a victim of, the AIDS epidemic. 




Open Through Sequester or Shutdown

When you donate to GMHC, you are providing funds that give some of New York's most vulnerable citizens a welcoming place to obtain support, find a community, and in many cases to turn their lives around. 

When the 2013 sequestration meant cuts to our budget across the board, including a 15% cut in vital Ryan White funding, it was money that you gave, at AIDS Walk, online, and elsewhere, that helped keep our programs going.



Work, Food, Shelter

Much of the money you donate goes toward the basic goal of getting clients back on their feet. The devastating effects of AIDS can result in many of our clients losing jobs--even ones they've held for years. Our Workforce Development Program helps clients build the skills clients need to land jobs and take control over their futures.

When the cost of medication or treatment means making a decision between eating and treating an HIV infection, initiatives like our Keith Haring Food Pantry and Meals programs help to avoid what could truly mean a life-or-death situation.



Tragically, dealing with an HIV diagnosis can also mean that clients can lose the rooves over their heads. Our legal team and other advocates help clients navigate the system, even in times of crisis, to find and keep affordable housing. When you donate to GMHC, you are helping to keep all of these programs running.