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FreeWill Information

Legacy Gifts

Leave a Lasting Legacy of Fighting HIV and AIDS

Create a Will with FreeWill and Help GMHC

We have recently partnered FreeWill, an exciting new venture, which allows our supporters an easy and free way to create a will online. If you would prefer to create your will through an attorney, you can find additional details below.

Including GMHC in your estate planning is a noble way to support programs that are most important to you – and programs that continue to be critically important to the thousands of clients we help each year. Through your gift, you will leave a legacy of continued care for those living with HIV/AIDS, even as we help a new generation remain HIV negative through our prevention efforts.

Next Steps

  1.  Head to GMHC’s FreeWill webpage at  Once there you can create a legal will online, or detail your wishes and find an attorney near you.
  2.  Specify within your will the amount or percentage of your estate you would like to leave to GMHC.
  3.  Rest assured knowing you have a left a legacy of support for your loved ones and the organizations that are most important to you.

Include GMHC in Your Current Will

If you would prefer to go to an attorney to draft your will, we suggest using the following language and to advise us of your intentions:

“I bequeath (amount or percentage) to Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of New York, with the principal business address of 307 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018 and federal tax identification number 13-3130146.”