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Benefactors Program

  Give by Credit Card  
GMHC's Benefactors make monthly or quarterly contributions that are automatically withdrawn from a checking account or charged to a credit card. Our Benefactors provide a reliable flow of income, while reducing our administrative costs, allowing more money to go directly to our client services.

As a Benefactor, your gift will help people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS in a powerful, cost-effective way. You will still receive updates on our programs, GMHC events, and special initiatives, but will otherwise be removed from our solicitation lists.

For questions or concerns about our Benefactors Program, or to update your information, please email:

Please note that Benefactor donations are processed on or around the 20th of each month. Every January, GMHC will acknowledge your total donations for the previous year with a letter that can be used for tax purposes. And if you ever change your mind about making a monthly gift, you can change the amount – or cancel it – at any time.